Building Automation

One of the most important aspects of HVAC systems is the control devices that maintain safe and effective operation of the system. SRM has the resources and capability as it relates to specialized Controls and can design that can design, install, maintain and retrofit any control system that services HVAC equipment. We utilize Tridium and Honeywell Control Systems, which allow world class products and support from the industry’s leading manufacturer of home and building controls. Automation and Control Specialist Contractor, allowing us unlimited product access and support from the industry’s leading manufacturers of home
and building controls.

SRM Mechanical Services’s Controls Division has designed, installed and maintained DDC
systems for colleges, universities, schools, hospitals, banks, office buildings and commercial facilities utilizing the Honeywell Excel 5000 series of controllers and peripheral devices.
We can precisely control the temperature, humidity, time programming, and energy consumption of systems to provide our clients a return on their investment through
decreased energy bills.

With the use of Tridium and Honeywell Automation products, SRM ensures Automation and Control Specialist Contractor, SRM Mechanical Services ensures that our customers receive the most modern technology available to provide a precisely controlled energy efficient indoor environment.

• Tridium Vykon System
• Direct Digital Control
• Pneumatic Controls
• Electronic Controls
• Variable Frequency Drives
• Programmable thermostats
• Excel 5000 system

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